Dana + Joel Lifestyle In-Home Engagement Sesh

Fun story: Dana + Joel wanted to keep things low-key for their engagement session, and we were tossing around ideas for something comfy and genuine and just… “them”, you know? Then they mentioned their two black cats being basically the loves of their lives, and I was like DUDE CAN WE SHOOT IN YOUR HOME WITH YOUR CATS?! And they got excited, and so that’s exactly what we did, and it was awesome.

This sesh was absolutely perfect. Dana + Joel met through mutual work and office stuff, got to chatting one day, and eventually hit it off. They’re both pretty chill and big time foodies, and spending their energies on traveling the world and experiencing life is always their top priority. For goodness sake, Joel proposed in Barcelona so you just *know* they’re cool kids. As a self-professed fur family, all the pieces come together just right to hang together in their home and simply capture who they are right now, favorite coffee mugs in hand and all. And spending this afternoon together was so much fun! Take a hot second and peek around that beautifully decorated home, it’s so clean and minimalist, and just stunning in it’s welcoming calmness (just like Dana + Joel, to be honest).

Their wedding is in a few months, and it’s going to be just fantastically “them” as well. Small and intimate, no wedding party, all cozy-like at Barbuzzo in Philly with great food and a laid back vibe. I’d put money on it that the food will be killer and the company will make this one a night for the books! I can’t wait!

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