Justine + Dave @ Desmond Hotel Malvern

Let’s all just stop and talk about that stunning gown. No no no, let’s back up and talk about this gorgeous venue! Wait. No. I’ve got it. …let’s all talk about how perfect Justine and Dave are for each other, and how this one little day in their story changed their past five years together into their happily ever after. Yes. That’s the ‘forever’ love story I want to tell you all about 🙂

I mean, to be honest, everything about their day was seriously beautiful. Like, completely and hopelessly breathtaking. Justine looked like an actual magazine model, with no detail spared. The hotel was PERFECTION from top-level service to each space being meticulously transformed to exactly the scene she envisioned. The champagne flowed from perfect glassware and the band was rocking the crowd all night long! But.

Justine and Dave were already an incredible little power couple, with a fun history together and all the benefits of loving and deeply knowing each other for five whole years before this day. The comfortable home, the great jobs, the adorable puppy to call their own… and I absolutely love that. Their wedding day was exactly what they wanted. A day to promise to keep up this perfect little love story forever, and to celebrate those promises with all their favorite people. Afterwards, life continues and they keep doing what they’ve always done for each other and themselves… with the added joys of their celebrations and life-long commitments.

Speaking of celebrations, CHECK OUT THIS PARTY, FAM!!!

Vendor shout-outs:

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