Ashley + John @ Joseph Ambler Inn

Holy cow, I have got to stop forgetting to blog!!! I’ve got so much to share with you all, and between life and the pandemic… well… I’m just plain sorry.


Today is the day I’m publishing the GORGEOUS wedding of Ashley + John! Remember their stunning Philly engagement sesh? Of course you do. It was ridiculously amazing and these two are so beautiful they could actually haunt your dreams. Seriously.

So. Ashley and John had originally planned a springtime shindig, with a perfect May date, and then the COVID happened. After a little scrambling and finagling, a lot of patience, and an entire spring and summer passing right by; their new date in September was finally here! And what an incredible day it was.

Ashley’s dress was perfect. Her grandmother was a hoot and a half. Her dad was a mushy, happy mess. John’s entire family was warm and welcoming. His shoes were shiny, but not too shiny, and his hair that day? Spot on, my friends. The champagne flowed while the girls got ready, the whiskey bottle slowly emptied while the guys hung out (let’s face it: they basically put on their pants and BAM they’re ready. It’s ridiculous). The florals looked like an actual fairytale, and despite a big old storm rolling through just before the ceremony, everything was as perfect as could be. Their venue, the Joseph Ambler Inn, was stunning in the fresh rain and softened light. Everything about the Inn is beautiful anyway, with its meticulously appointed landscaping and rich-in-history architecture surrounding you. The grounds are just gorgeous, and the service is wonderful. Definitely a favorite of mine to work with.

There was one point, at the end of the night, that I’ll never forget. As I was making my rounds before heading out, John hugged me and with tears in his eyes, he told me I’ll be a part of every milestone with them no matter what. Then he leaned back, and with a bellowing voice yelled: I’M PUTTING A BABY IN HER TONIGHT!!!

Vendor shout-outs!

Venue: Joseph Ambler Inn

Makeup Artistry: Beauty by Victoria C

Hair Artistry: Katelyn M Chair

Dress: La Bella Moda

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