Styled Shoot Featuring @Love Obsessed + @Perkasie Florist


Okay, friends. It’s been a hot second since I found the time to sit down and share a shoot with you all, and for that, I’m SO VERY SORRY. To make it up to you, I put together an incredible collaborative/styled shoot with some awesome local vendors and I’m posting it right now! Please, please, please forgive me. I promise to be better! I really do!

So. It all started when my family and I were out for an evening at our favorite water ice place downtown, just enjoying a sweet treat and digging some much needed tribe time together. I saw this gorgeous chick hanging out with a friend and her dog (super-adorable little fluffy girl named Wednesday!) and made my way over to talk to her. I envisioned this shoot the moment I saw her, and just had to introduce myself. After my awkward/bumbling introduction and giving her my card, I wasn’t sure if she would call me or not. BUT SHE DID!!! And so, the planning with Mandy as my model began.

I then reached out to an old friend of mine, Valerie, at Perkasie Florist about collaborating and she was on board in an instant! I sent some inspirations to her, gave her full creative control over the floral designing, and she Blew. Me. Away. The level of talent and attention to detail in her bouquet and table settings were amazing. The arrangements themselves were so unique and put together with such artistry. I can’t thank her enough for the incredible work she did for this shoot.

Now, there’s a gorgeous little boutique shop in town that I absolutely adore. If you haven’t checked out Love Obsessed, you’re missing out big time. From comfy-chic to bohemian-evening, they have EVERYTHING your closet is missing! I had seen this beautiful jumpsuit (looks like a dress, doesn’t it? It’s amazing.) in the front window and knew this was THE wardrobe piece for my shoot. After chatting with the owner, Stacy, she was on board and this thing was totally coming together.

The location is a secret. No. Seriously. It just might be my favorite place on earth to go shoot and rejuvenate my creative little soul, and I’m keeping that alllllllll to myself. Sorry! I still love you all, I promise.

Let’s set the scene: It’s sunset, with golden light spilling over us. We’re wandering through a peach tree orchard, surrounded by beautiful tunnels of twisty limbs and emerald leaves. You can hear the frogs in a nearby pond singing their evening songs to the water. …are you there in the orchard with me? Good. Now, enjoy the fruits of a few artists coming together to create a gorgeous styled shoot, my friends.

Floral Artistry: Perkasie Florist in Perkasie, PA

Wardrobe: Love Obsessed in Quakertown, PA

Model: Mandy


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