Beating the heat at Devil’s Pool

It’s been hot here in Eastern Pa. Like, REALLY HOT. You all know this, you’ve surely been sweating and suffering through the past few days of this heat wave too. In the spirit of adventuring and making lemonade out of (practically boiling) lemons, I grabbed a gorgeous friend of mine and hiked along the Wissahickon River to Devil’s Pool.

It was A M A Z I N G. We set out in the very early morning and cooled our sweaty selves in the clear waters. Nothing but nature surrounded us, and we took full advantage of the peaceful and refreshing reprieve. It was quiet. She was stunning. The light softly filling the cove was perfection against her skin and across the water. And my girl here KILLED it effortlessly like the damn goddess she is.

There’s just something about nature that fuels my creative soul and fills my artist heart to the brim. Take a look and see for yourselves, friends. Seriously. So. Good.

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