Spotlight on small business: Rescue Broad in Phoenixville, PA!

Your monthly dose of local love!

It’s that time, friends! This month’s Spotlight on Small Business is an amazing non-profit organization run by someone I am SO. STINKING. PROUD. to call a dear friend. My good old pal Ali is the mastermind behind Rescue Broad (and a total LADY BOSS), and she is moving mountains… one super awesome, adoptable dog at a time!

The backstory and birth of Rescue Broad: Ali started out her love of helping dogs some years ago by volunteering with Philadoptables, an animal rescue organization in the Philadelphia area that supports and provides major relief through rescues for incoming dogs in the city who are homeless/in need of care/in danger of euthanasia at other organizations. Through her totally badass volunteer work with Philadoptables, she was asked to join the board of directors in 2016, and her talents and passions for helping these rescued animals and organizations was able to really blossom. Ali on what Philadoptables does: “We help these groups by purchasing medical equipment and supplies, providing funds for emergency surgeries, promoting events and adoptable animals, etc.”

Last year, Ali purchased a home with a great yard and lots of room to play, and began fostering for Home at Last Dog Rescue. She chose to work so closely with this particular organization because of the other volunteers there, and the support system within the rescue is so strong and wonderful.  She fostered a total of 8 dogs in 2017, and has had some hilarious stories of trials & tribulations, and really big learning curves to get through along the way. All of these dogs were adopted into amazing families, with bright futures and all the love they could possibly handle!

Seriously. This chick needs a super hero cape.

“Fostering dogs has been life changing for me and so many people ask about it not really understanding what it entails. I realized with all the stories I have and how interested people are in hearing the progress with each dog that I have fostered that I should share what I learn on a larger scale for anyone to access. My goal is to help people understand what fostering entails in case they want to get involved. I also want to teach people that can’t foster that there are so many other ways to help, from choosing to adopt a rescue dog over a dog from a breeder to holding a pet food collection at you job or transporting dogs from the shelter to their foster homes.” -Ali

…so, as you can see, getting to work together with Ali and see her talents in action was incredible. I spent the day at her house, getting to know her own two dogs (who were rescues that she adopted!), and meeting and falling in love with her most recent foster dog. Ali’s dogs are Daphne and Marni, and they are simply the BEST sisters for the foster dogs coming in. In the photos below, you’ll see them both being truly amazing! Daphne is the smaller, dark-coated beauty (with ridiculous bat ears and the charms of a pleasant old lady who won’t stay out of your lap), and Marni is the big mostly white girl with beautiful blue eyes the size of saucers (and the energy of a horse, with the patience of a saint). The other beauty pictured is Harriet. She is the most perfectly imperfect pup EVER! You’ll see that she only has one eye, and that’s because of an intentional injury that happened just before she entered the rescue systems in Philly. Once available to be fostered, Ali swooped her up and gave her all the incredible love she needed, and as her surgery healed, her personality and huge heart was shown to the world for all to see. Harriet started out with Ali as a very shy girl (due to being in pain, naturally), and all she needed was proper care to heal all of her wounds inside and out. It was literally impossible to keep from falling in love with her silly and loyal personality! The bad news: I can’t have a dog for so many reasons, so when it was time to say goodbye it was pretty bittersweet for me. The good news: Harriet was officially adopted and moved in with her new forever family over the weekend!! My heart is SO HAPPY for this girl. All of her incredibleness will be adored for all her years to come, and that’s so. Freaking. Awesome.

Ali, there’s a special place in my heart for all that you do. You ROCK. Go Rescue Broad!

Find Rescue Broad: Website

Follow Rescue Broad: Facebook


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