Hi! I’m Dana, and I’m really excited to get to know you!

I’m located in beautiful Upper Bucks County, PA and I proudly
serve the Greater Philadelphia region, New Jersey, New York, and
surrounding areas. The shoot locations I commonly
recommend and enjoy the most are unique, fun, and easily
accessible for mostly everyone I’ve had the pleasure of
working with. My main focus is wedding and lifestyle family
photography, and while I dabble in other session types, these
are my main passions and by far my areas of expertise. In my
downtime I spend a lot of energy on self-reflective, nature,
and fine art photography. You’ll find bits of my work displayed
around some of the local shops and small-town businesses in
my hometown area. I love photographing my own family and
the experiences we enjoy together, and the walls of my home
are bursting with images and portraits of my children’s
milestones, accomplishments, adventures, and joys. It’s
not uncommon to find me sitting in a coffee shop I’ve never
been to just to enjoy something new and exciting, and almost
always with a camera in hand to document the experience.
My photographic style is documentary, story-telling, and
intimate by nature. Together, we will set the scene for natural
and relaxed moments to be captured and transformed into
treasured works of art.
bday selfie.jpg
-Dana Crosby, Owner/Photographer

Things I absolutely LOVE: all things cheese, lavender-mocha lattes, quiet family nights, my vintage camera collection, my cat’s fluffy belly (but he hates that I love it), spinach & ricotta white pizza, homemade cakes, vinyl records, good mascara, good wine, good hugs, and most importantly… Pure, unabashed, beautiful love stories.


Let’s chat! Now that you know a bit about me, I want to know everything about you!

Contact me here!

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