Lindsay + Mike @ Bellgate Farm

Lindsay got in touch with me literally a month before their sweet little day of celebrations, and it was a perfect collision from the start! We chatted all about their plans for an intimate elopement at the Doylestown Country Club with just a few of their closest family members (plus Mike’s ADORABLE son, Evan). They got my info from a friend who also had an intimate, gorgeous little wedding day with me last year and honestly, that’s my favorite thing ever. Glowing referrals make my heart sing! Lindsay told me all the little details they had planned, including some downtown Doylestown portraits to really capture their story. I bought their dinner, we parted ways for the evening, and got the ball rolling!

Then just before their wedding day, the country club told them they were cancelling their booking because of (yup, you guessed it) Covid restrictions. So… on to plan B! Lindsay works very part time at a sweet little venue and talked with the owners about allowing their itty-bitty day and that’s exactly what we did. They couldn’t have any kind of service from the venue, just rented the space. After a bit of improvising, a lot of re-arranging, and a little extra driving for their families, their teeny tiny wedding day was finally ready.

When I arrived at Bell Gate Farm, everything was covered in just the loveliest fresh snow. The grounds were an absolute winter wonderland! Lindsay was the only one there and asked me for a hand with a few things so I got to work. I zipped up her dress (she had just bought it that morning, spur of the moment!) and she went off to touch up her hair, which she had styled herself in loose, romantic curls. I had a good laugh when she asked me if her makeup was “enough,” because she was simply stunning. Of course, she had also done her own natural-toned makeup. I busied myself with some detail shots and she painted her nails, and then Mike arrived. Now, Mike is a big guy with a big presence, and he just MELTED into a puddle of mush when he saw Lindsay. It was so darned sweet. We chatted for a few minutes, tidied up some single shots of Lindsay inside the barn, and then we rocked outside for some snowy portraits and made some magic! Once their families got there, the celebrations began. The ceremony was short, the vows were sweet, and Evan took his role of Great Man (not to be confused with Best Man, of course) so seriously my cheeks hurt! Mike and Lindsay had ordered in takeout from the local Italian and Chinese joints for dinner for their guests. Champagne was flowing and the wine and scotch were top notch. To say “Cheers” to this day would be an understatement!

Vendor Love!

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