Kara + Steve // Backyard Wedding

O. M. G. I met Kara waaaaaaay back in April 2019. We kicked back at my home office and chatted for what felt like hours, and by the end of the night I easily knew she was an awesome new friend in the making. Her and Steve had an incredible wedding day planned at one of my favorite venues, Normandy Farm. She told me all about Steve’s proposal that she waited FOREVER to happen and how it was finally the weekend of Valentine’s Day. They actually met through an ex-boyfriend of Kara’s, funny how those things work out, huh? They have a shared love of funky coffee cups and cheese curls (my very own spirit animals right here). Then Kara told me the story of when they were on a cruise and the main stone fell out of her engagement ring. Uh. Holy. WHAT. Yup, the thing just popped out. On a cruise ship. She nearly had a heart attack when it was happening, but really we just about peed ourselves laughing at the story.

So first things first, got everything organized and set up the engagement session. In true Kara + Steve fashion, we totally missed the cherry blossoms and she hated the dress she rented. BUT, she received an “extra” dress and that one was AMAZING! We met up by the river and seriously just had the best time. They danced, laughed, snuggled, and we only broke one or two traffic laws along the way. The very first frame I shot from their session is still my favorite one!

Then, Covid happened. Their original plans for a May 2020 wedding with about 200 guests at an elite venue simply weren’t going to happen. Kara was scrambling to get things rescheduled and settled on a September date with Normandy, which was great until the restrictions got too tight again. Then everything was canceled, completely. We spent all those months trying to coordinate with the venue and the guests and all the havoc of wedding planning but when it came down to it, there just wasn’t a way to bring their dreams back around. Kara and Steve got creative and their day ended up evolving into an intimate celebration at their beautiful home, with 50ish of their favorite people, and it was glorious! I met Kara over at her mom’s house where everyone was getting ready, then we popped over to the Curtis Hall Arboretum for a first look with Steve and made some seriously beautiful portraits, then off to their own back yard to get married and party the night away!

For real, their back yard was transformed into a wonderland. Everything was tented and open air, wonderfully catered, gorgeously appointed, and so much heart went into all the details. It was pure magic.

Marriage pro tip: Be like Kara + Steve. Be resilient and find joy in making your love story YOURS. It’s just an incredible foundation for a lifetime together.

Vendor lovin’ shout outs!

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