Jen + Clein @ Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

What a whirlwind of a love story. If you ever lose faith in true love, come back here and read this all over again.

Jen met Clein in his home country in Haiti, on one of her many trips there from her Brooklyn home. She is a Dance and Movement Therapist, and had been spending time in Haiti to provide therapy sessions and teachings to communities in need of her wonderful services. Over time, they spent more and more of her trips together and eventually, fell hopelessly in love. Clein proposed by a volcano (yes, a VOLCANO!!!), Jen said yes, and they began planning their future together!

I’ve known Jen since we were kids really, and she has always been a free spirit, full of whimsy and love and surely just a little bit of magic. Seeing her heart swell the way it did when she told me about Clein and their story and their plans and all the amazing things to come… well, I practically begged her to be a part of it all. Clein was on his way to the US to become a citizen and live happily ever after with Jen, so we had to pull this all together fairly quickly.

Here is their beautiful wedding day. Take note of the stunning artwork, the hand-crafted touches, and the immense amount of heart that went into this day. Everything was either brought from their Brooklyn home or the homes of their families and friends. Bamboo plates, vintage glassware, home-cooked dishes to enjoy and even Haitian rum and beer were a few of my favorite things. Nothing was purchased to be wasted. Jen’s dress is a beautiful vintage silk slip and her veil was hand-crafted from an antique curtain by a wonderful seamstress friend. Even their vows were written in gorgeous little paper books that Jen made herself, to be cherished forever. They held a tear-inducing self-uniting ceremony with just a couple dozen of their closest family and friends, and partied the night away while immersed in fine music, a stunning blend of cultures, and who can’t forget the hoola hoops to top off the fun! We ran out to the fields between the rain drops and I fell in love with these two a million times over. Watching them touch, feel, and breathe each other in resounded in my heart like a romance novel from my dreams just waiting to be written.

It was a bit rainy and a little chilly, but the warmth these two souls brought was more than enough for their intimate crowd to stay cozy and filled with love.

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