Ashley + John / Philly Philly

Ashley + John. These two are seriously incredible, and SERIOUSLY in love. They both live in Philly, and have that city spirit running deep through their veins! When Ashley asked me about shooting their engagement session in Old City & then pop into the Lincoln Financial Field, I knew we were meant to be!

We hit ALL OVER the best spots. Ben Franklin Bridge, Race Street Pier, Cherry Street, and Elfreth’s Alley, and while trekking our way around we found some sweet little quiet jams to stop at and shoot there too. After that we hitched a ride to the Linc, and holy WOW. We had the entire complex to ourselves (thanks to John’s brother’s connections through his job) and it was incredible. There was E-A-G-L-E-S chanting, piggy back rides out of the tunnel onto the field, and we even wandered through the press boxes. Last but not least, we popped up to the roof and nabbed some absolutely amazing sunset shots over the city skyline. Talk about dreamy!

They danced and twirled, they snuggled and smooched, and all the while I got to learn all about their love story and what makes them “them.” If I’ve never mentioned it before, I freaking LOVE what I do. Couples like Ashley + John are the reason for that.

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