Total Strangers Project // Traveling Dress


So. There’s this amazing project going on, that crosses all 50 states here in the U.S. It’s all about the magic of connections. It’s about two strangers, and closing the gap between them with chemistry and photographs. Each state has just one photographer (oh heyyyyyy Pennsylvania!!) to represent, and every session has the same traveling dress that connects everyone involved. The entire concept is pretty incredible, and last night, I hit the streets of Philly with my two strangers, this one stunning dress, and holy crap, we made some seriously kick-ass magic.

I’ve known my girl here since our high school days, and you probably recognize her from other concept sessions because let’s face it, she’s so easy to photograph and always  down for anything my little artist mind conjures up. The male counterpart though? I only met him for the first time last night, so I kind of doubled my fun with the whole strangers concept! He’s an old college buddy of a great friend of mine, and totally killed it for the camera. These two were absolute fire in the streets, and there were people walking by assuming they had just gotten married, yelling out “Congratulations!!” and it was pretty hilarious. Needless to say, I think we NAILED this session.

Two strangers. One implied, intimate connection. Add in an incredible dress. All the hells yes!

Let’s all give a huge shout-out to Dress and Muse for their amazing dress. Pure perfection & worth a peek, friends! Find them here:

2 thoughts on “Total Strangers Project // Traveling Dress

  1. Diana says:

    All of the photos are beautiful but my absolute favorite is the last one. The sun set right between the 2. It’s almost that “spark” you feel when you 1st meet, your 1st date, on your wedding day, etc. Wonderful job to you all ❤️


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