Ladies Only: A boudoir goddess

I recently held my Ladies Only Boudoir Session event, and boy oh boy, am I excited to share this set! Please please please though, understand that these are NOT for little eyes. There’s no full nudity here (I purposefully did not include any images that are overly-risque), but certainly consider yourself warned that absolutely no one under 18 should be viewing these images. Most of my boudoir clients request complete privacy for their galleries, and I respect that 100%. This wonderful client gave permission to share, so gosh darnit, I am!

I traveled down to her gorgeous historic home in Northeast Philly, and the morning went along so perfectly. Her house is stunning. SHE is stunning. We toyed around with different outfits/looks that she had set aside and went about our time together with the aid of a chilled bottle of Moscato and some gorgeous morning sun! Her hair was a perfect unwashed mess of curls from the day before and some freshened makeup was the only touch needed.

Some of these poses are tricky. Some are natural and easy to accomplish. I know this because I gave myself a workout right with her! It’s so much easier to get the look we’re going for after practicing myself so I can model the pose first and let her see exactly where the curves need to be. We both had a few days of tight, sore muscles afterwards and it was soooooooo totally worth it.

So here. Check out some of my favorites, and remember: any woman can do this. Age, size, number of children… none of that matters. Flattering poses and sexy wardrobes can happen for ANY woman, and I’d be so truly honored to capture the vixen-esque side of each and every one of you!

xoxo, Dana

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