Spotlight on Small Business: Modern Male Barbershop!

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So I’ve been floating around ideas of how to support/uplift/showcase some of my favorite local small businesses. What did I come up with? A monthly blog post, highlighting a great experience I personally had with a fellow small business right here in Bucks County. Each month I’ll have a fun little write-up about who they are, what they do, and why I think they’re a great addition to our local communities! Since I happen to bring my camera darn near everywhere, it’s pretty easy to share the bits and pieces of my day-to-day with you all.  When another small business makes my little heart oh-so-happy, I’m always eager to share. Enjoy!

January Spotlight: Modern Male Barbershop in Sellersville, PA

My son (almost 13 years old, mind you), after countless years of a plain old buzz cut, decided that he wanted something he could style. Oh boy. I directed him to the power of Google Image search for an inspiring cut, and he found the look he wanted to grow into. Now, I’d really like to set the scene here. This kid has never bothered with his hair, ever. Never used a product in it. Never had to comb it, even. Heck, he’s spent years using the Dial for Men 2 in 1 shampoo/body wash because he’s just never cared and his head has always been shaved anyway.

So I knew about Modern Male Barbershop. I had actually photographed the owner’s family a couple of years ago, but didn’t know much at all about the business. Their reputation is that it’s a man’s kinda place to be, a reprieve of sorts from the usual girly-geared aesthetics and experiences of a traditional salon. A few guy friends of mine go there, so I figured why not. So I looked them up online, and dude, they have FOUR locations. I honestly only knew about their (apparently) flagship shop in Sellersville. They’re also in Perkasie, Quakertown, and Souderton. Pretty cool! Anyway, I was able to grab an appointment right there on the website and that was that.

My son and I hit the road the night of his appointment, running late of course (because mom life), and we walked into… the coolest little barber shop I’ve ever seen. I was offered a beer! There was a gorgeous antique barber’s pole right there to gawk at (I know I’m a dork, it’s okay). The guys were dressed like gentlemanly professionals, and the shop was super clean. It was a GREAT first impression. Vinni introduced himself and was finishing up with another client, so we had a seat on some awesome leather chairs and took the whole place in. Antique boxing gloves hung in the corner, there were vintage barber shop bits and bobs adorning every shelf, and I gotta tell you, it. Was. Awesome. I’m a sucker for vintage-inspired anything, but this… this was as authentic and welcoming as you could possibly imagine.

Vinni called my son over to the chair, and started asking all the right questions. He asked about how his hair usually is, what he wanted it to become, what his routine is for washing and styling, etc etc. And then he just asked him all about HIM. It was pretty cool. Just sort of manly chit chat and getting to know each other, you know?

The haircut? It looks AMAZING. I’m pretty sure my kid turned 25 while sitting in that chair. Vinni’s techniques were dead-on for my son’s weird, unruly mess of hair, and for the first time ever, that weird hair made him look like an actual young man. He explained the process of growing into the style he’s aiming to achieve. He showed him products and what to do with them. And most importantly? He tolerated ME, shoving a camera in their faces and totally getting in his way THE WHOLE TIME.

Vinni, you’re amazing. See ya at the next appointment!

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Boom. Spotlight on Small Business, my friends.


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