Happy New Year, everyone!

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but…

January first always comes around so quickly. A new year means a clean slate, fresh new opportunities, and (for me) a shiny new set of professional ambitions to chase. I broke out my new 2018 planner yesterday and carefully wrote in each month’s business plan and goals alongside all the beautiful bookings already in place for the year. I reorganized my gear, wrote out my planned upgrades and replacement equipment for the coming year, and even managed to get through a modest amount of my year-end bookkeeping. As the OCD took over and the coffee kicked out, I very deliberately walked away from all the business tasks and re-focused my efforts.

This new year also brings new chances to grow. Not just professionally, but also as a whole person. I hope for nothing more than a chance to stop and stand still a little more often. Take more naps. Photograph my family more in the midst of our beautiful chaos and this crazy ride we call life. …perhaps even catch a glimpse of the first sunrise of 2018 through an unexpected view.  One thing I’m challenging myself with is to open my perspective, and I’ve started that today. This image is the first of the year, and it captures exactly what I hope this year will be filled with: seeing all the beauty around us in a whole new way.

Happy New Year, my friends. Let’s make this an amazing one!


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